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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance
IMPORTANT: As of July 2011 we are not taking any website maintenance projects unless axonsoft Web Solutions developed the website. We are only taking new projects or complete redesign/revamp. This will be until further notice.

Running a website can be very tedious and can take up a lot of time especially if you are not a web developer yourself. We offer monthly maintenance services for all websites that we build.

What is considered maintenance?

  • Adding, editing, deleting content (text, images, video, etc)
  • Adding, editing, deleting pages/links
  • Small design changes and updates
  • Software/script updates, upgrades and patches
  • Minor script installations
  • Error and bug fixes

What is not considered maintenance?

The following will need to be treated as a new service

  • Anything that is estimated to take over 10 hours
  • Large design changes or redesign
  • CMS Migrations
  • SEO (Needs to be an SEO package)


Pricing for maintenance is $40 per hour with a one hour minimum ($40) and 10 hour maximum ($400) per month. You will be billed on the 28th of every month along with a summary of work hours. Most website maintenance plans are between 1 and 4 hours per month.

Offers for customers more than one year:
We begin with a monthly estimate
of time required based on the quantity of content and how often this content needs to be updated. We can then adjust the plan when required if the need increases or decreases. Content should be updated biweekly or monthly to keep the interest of search engines. These are the rates who is our existing customer.

Offer Rate Plans
Up to 4 hours per month ($40/hr) 47% Off
Up to 8 hours per month ($35/hr) 53% Off
Up to 12 hours per month ($30/hr) 60% Off
$ 160/month
$ 280/month
$ 360/month

Hourly Cap
We understand our clients might not like not knowing how much will be spent every month on maintenance so we allow them to cap their hours. For example, a client might want to buy no more than 3 hours per month so if we have tasks that are going to take 5 hours we will stop at 3 for that month and continue the following month always keeping the budget for 3 hours per month.

Service Highlights

24/7 support
NO hidden fees
Plesk or cPanel Panel
setup and software
One-click setup
Virus Scanning
FTP access
Best-of-breed routers,firewalls and servers
Website statistics
FREE email addresses with all plans
Google® Webmaster Tools
Daily backup

Cheap Professional Website

  • Custom Website Design
  • Professional Web Development
  • CMS Design Integration
  • E-Commerce Shopping Carts
  • Web Hosting
  • Content Management Systems
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Guaranteed High Ranking Search Engine Placement
  • Logo & Brochure Design

Web Packages

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Not only we offer professional website designs but we also offer a range of cheap web hosting packages. You have reached a trusted and reliable destination for web hosting and development services. Superior customer service, 100% uptime, and many unique features that you will not find anywhere else.